Mica-Based Pearlescent Pigments

Potassium Aluminum Silicate-Based Pearlescent Pigments, TypesI, II, Imica-based-pearlescent-pigmentsII
INS 176



Regulatory Approvals/Consumption Limits
USA: Mica-based pearlescent pigments may be used in cereals, confections and frostings, gelatin desserts, hard and soft candies (including lozenges), nutritional supplement tablets and gelatin capsules, and chewing gum; distilled spirits containing not less than 18 % and not more than 23 % alcohol by volume but not including distilled spirits mixtures containing more than 5 % wine on a proof gallon basis; and cordials, liqueurs, flavored alcoholic malt beverages, wine coolers, cocktails, nonalcoholic cocktail mixers and mixes and in egg decorating kits. (21 CFR 73.350).

JECFA: A PTWI of 2 mg/kg bw for total aluminum was established at the 74th JECFA (2011). The PTWI applies to all aluminum compounds in food, including food additives. ADIs of ‘not limited’ for titanium dioxide and 0-0.5 mg/kg bw for iron oxides were established at the 13th JECFA (1969) and 53rd JECFA (1999), respectively.

EU:  Considered a mixture of E171 with E555.

Full safety monograph available to IACM members or upon request.