Membership Types

IACM maintains two types of membership categories for companies and individuals involved with the color industry.

Membership Types


The Active Members are companies or individuals who manufacture or market color additives. Active members are asked to pay according to the sales level of their company, using the following definitions of color additive and sales:

Color Additives: The color additives used in food, drugs, and cosmetics for use in the United States as listed by the Food and Drug Administration, as well as those additives approved for use in Europe as listed by the European Community.

Sales: The sale of color additives as marketed by the corporate entity that is the member of IACM, among the countries that have ratified the North American Free Trade Agreement (United States, Canada, Mexico). This definition includes sales of color additives in food, drugs, and cosmetics.


The Associate Members of this Association are companies or individuals engaged in a business related to the color additive industry which the Board of Directors shall determine to be appropriate in promoting and carrying out the purposes of the Association. Associate members pay a flat fee per annum.