IACM Session at IFT17

For everyone attending IFT this year – make sure to attend Session 097: New Research in Support of the Safety of Synthetic Colors!

The session will be held Wednesday, June 28 at 1 pm in Titian 2201A and will feature talks from IACM’s Scientific Director Dr. Maria Bastaki, as well as IACM member Dr. George Pugh of The Coca-Cola Company. More session information is available at this link and the session description is included below.

In support of recent EFSA color re-evaluations and forthcoming JECFA re-evaluations, IACM’s Synthetic Color Committee has sponsored a number of studies in support of the safety of synthetic colors consistent with its objectives to protect and expand the worldwide use of synthetic colors, and to review and assess existing safety information on synthetic colors and conduct scientifically robust studies to ensure their safety when necessary. The studies include four genotoxicity studies on Indigo Carmine (FD&C Blue 2); Allura Red (FD&C Red 40); Tartrazine (FD&C Yellow 5); and Ponceau 4R and one short term reproductive study on Sunset Yellow (FD&C Yellow 6). IACM also contracted with Exponent to conduct an exposure assessment for FD&C colors using actual use level data from IACM members to provide further information to the March 2011 recommendation by the FDA Food Advisory Committee.

IACM’s Scientific Director Dr. Bastaki will present the genotoxicity study findings for Allura Red and Tartrazine, which have just been published, and preview the remaining, while Dr. George Pugh of the Coca-Cola Company will present the current landscape of synthetic colors and Carolyn Scrafford of Exponent will provide details of how the exposure assessment was conducted and how it compares to other recent assessments conducted by FDA and academics.