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IACM Global Color Conference Speakers:


Speaker Spotlight- Mikel Cirkus


IACM Speaker Dr. Vincent Hegarty


Speaker Spotlight- Dr. Elvira Gonzalez De Mejia


Speaker Spotlight- Keith Nunes


Speaker Spotlight: Dr. Neil Hunt



Speaker Spotlight- Jens Birrer


Speaker Spotlight- Valerie Rayner


Speaker Spotlight Kevin Kenny



Generate interest with our branded series of “Chroma Facts!”

Natural Colors


Safe color in food has minimal  impact taste


Colors can lost natural color


Colors can be sustainable


Colors impact perception


Colors can be cost effective


Our primary goal is safety


Color approval



Allowed colors have been studied and tested



Color can be key for branding


Color producers are vigilant about safety


Colors are used to beautify


Colors are used to evaluate freshness


Colors color our lives


Colors are often linked to memory


Color in food impacts our taste expectations



Colors improve our experiences


We express ourselves through color


Chroma Fact: Red Cabbage


Chroma Fact: Carotenoids


Chroma Fact: Chlorophyll


Chroma Fact: Tumeric


Chroma Fact: Red


Chroma Fact: We eat with our eyes


Chroma Fact: Avocados


Chroma Fact: Purple Sweet Potato