IACM advances the interests of manufacturers, producers, and users in the color industry by demonstrating the safety of colors and promoting the industry's economic growth.

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  • IACM Opposes California SB504

    IACM is part of a coalition effort against California SB504, which submitted this opposition letter to the Chair of the California Health Committee last week. This bill, if passed, would create many problems while not offering any solutions to consumers.  (more…)

  • Membership News – E&J Gallo/SJVC

    IACM is pleased to welcome E&J Gallo Winery/San Joaquin Valley Concentrates to its growing membership. San Joaquin Valley Concentrates (SJVC) has been a supplier of grape juice concentrates, natural colors, and grape seed extract to the food and beverages industries for more than two decades. SJVC is a division of E&J Gallo Winery and is […]

  • Titanium Dioxide Safety

    Only synthetically produced titanium dioxide is used as a color additive, and it is the white color of choice in most food, drug and cosmetic applications. It has consistently been proven as safe for use in approved applications. Curious to learn more? Click here.

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