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  • IACM Statement on Codex GSFA

    IACM appreciates and supports that many developing countries, as well as countries that are revising their food law, look to Codex standards for guidance. However, the Codex process is very deliberate, and as such, not all additives, including many colors that are approved in countries such as the US and the EU have made it through the Codex step process for inclusion in the GSFA. Additionally, it was not the intent of the creators of the GSFA for it to be adopted as a positive list at this stage of development.
  • Comments to Chile Amendment to Food Additive Regulations

    IACM submitted comments today to Chile in response to WTO notification G/SPS/N/CHL/524, which as proposed would modify the list of acceptable colors and establish new maximum levels for some accepted colors.

  • JECFA Increases ADI for Tartrazine

    JECFA has released its summary and conclusions from the 82nd meeting that took place in Geneva on June 7-16. For Tartrazine, JECFA increased the previously established ADI from 0-7.5 to 0–10 mg/kg bw, based on the no-observed-adverse-effect-level (NOAEL) of 984 mg/kg bw/day in a chronic rat study.

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