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  • Membership News – Aakash Chemicals

    IACM is pleased to welcome Aakash Chemicals to its membership as a new Active member. Aakash is a manufacturer and distributor of both natural and synthetic food colorants and ingredients.  

  • Membership News – Persea Natural

    IACM is pleased to welcome Persea Natural LLC to its membership. Persea is a two-year old Pennsylvania-based company focused on the commercialization of a patented process to produce various natural food colors.

  • Membership News – Lumen Bioscience

    IACM is pleased to welcome Lumen Bioscience, Inc. to its membership. Lumen is a new Seattle-based biotechnology company focused on developing Spirulina as an industrial scale production platform for high-value molecules in the food, cosmetics and healthcare industries.

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