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  • IACM Pleased with Results of FDA Exposure Study on FD&C Colors

    IACM is pleased with the US Food and Drug Administration’s findings that all exposure estimates for FD&C colors are well below the acceptable daily intake levels previously identified by the FDA. The study estimated exposure for each FD&C color additive for the US population aged 2 years or more, and for specific age groups including [...]

  • IACM Applauds Revised EFSA Acceptable Daily Intake for Sunset Yellow

    EFSA's ANS Panel has raised its ADI to 4 mg/kg body weight per day for Sunset Yellow, a food color used in a variety of foods and certified in the US as FD&C Yellow No. 6. This is in line with the latest conclusions from the JECFA evaluation, and further evidence of the safety of this important and useful food color. In its opinion published yesterday, EFSA also concluded that within the European Union the typical consumer intake for all age groups is far below this level.
  • IACM Welcomes Kraft Foods

    IACM recently added Kraft Foods to our membership. Kraft Foods Group is one of the largest food and beverage companies in North America. Kraft’s headquarters is located in Glenview, IL.

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